Some quick tips to keep your trailer in top condition

Written by Outboard Wrecking Web

On May 23, 2022
Quick Tips for Your Boat Trailer Maintenance

Trailer Maintenance

Our Tips to Maintain Your Boat Trailer:

  • Check your tyre pressure, before each trip
  • Check your wheel nuts periodically
  • Hose down the frame after each trip
  • Paying close attention to rollers, springs and axles
  • Periodically check brake pads (if fitted) and adjust
  • Check your lights and connections each trip
  • Visually check bolts and frame for wear and tear
  • Rollers, grease points, winch and axles should be greased twice a year

If travelling a long distance – let the wheel bearings, cool before putting into the water, this helps stop water getting past the bearing seals.

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