Tips to keeping your Boat in good shape

Written by Outboard Wrecking Web

On May 26, 2022
Keeping Your Boat in Good Shape

Here are some simple steps to help keep your boat and motor ready for your next outing


After Each Trip

  • Flush your motor
  • Wash off salt on the boat
  • Check bungs and look for any blockage


Each Month

If you take out your boat regularly, or its exposed to the elements, give it a bath each month with warm soapy water to keep your hull, motor and upholstery free of salt build up and help with minimising corrosion.

A good boat wash is advised as some detergents can increase the risk of corrosion.

Run your motor regularly, do not let it sit for months at a time without being started and run

Once a Year

Wax and Polish to help stop paint fade and keep your boat looking good.


Regular servicing is critical to ensure your motor stays in good condition and will last you. The sacrificial anode will need to be checked and replaced if necessary along with other wearing parts.


Most of all, get out on the water and have fun!

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